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4565 Dundee Dr - Po
4565 Dundee Dr - Po


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Guest House Square Footage: ~ 750 sq.  ft. 


Sleeps: ~ 2


Property Highlights:

Pool house in a private villa

~Views of downtown Los Angeles

~ Pool & Spa

~ Indoor Fireplace

~ Close to Griffith Park, Los Angeles,

fine dining and shopping



Pool / Spa / Health: 


~Rain Shower - experience the exhilarating sensation of a gentle summer rainstorm.

The shower/steam room has a rain shower high overhead. There is also a hand held

shower and another conventional style shower head. Bench seating for four people.

Huge, openable, hand made, iron window with view of downtown Los Angeles skyline.



~Steam Shower - the shower room has two humidifying steam generators that fill                                     the room with steam. The healing refreshment of sweat bathing is popular in many                                 cultures and is believed to cleanse the mind, rejuvenate and refresh the spirit. Take                                   some eucalyptus leaves from the eucalyptus trees, located along side your                                                     private entrance walkway, to place in the steam room for added benefit. Enjoy a                                         steam bath for as long as you wish and then jump into the pool to cool off or just                                         relax on the day bed.



 ~Massage Services -The Villa Sophia has a massage table for your use.  You may schedule

massage house call with a practitioner of your choice or if you wish, contact our

recommended masseuses.


The Villa Sophia suggests Deep Healing Massage by expert massage therapist to the stars,

Alison Mezey. Alisons massages are often called amazing and even magical by world

traveled massage connoisseurs. Over 30 years she has developed a highly effective technique

to gain and maintain range of motion, release old blockages and energy patterns while

guiding you into your body more deeply for greater relaxation and liberation. Having worked

on tennis pros for many years, Alison also became an expert in releasing and rehabilitating                         shoulders, and realigning hips much to the great relief and healing benefit of  clients                                    knees and general mobility. Whether for help with aches, pains and stress or to optimize

your romantic retreat, Alisons massages are a great addition to your luxury experience at

The Villa Sophia. Pool side massage $225/60 minutes, $300/90 minutes.  $50 discount if there are two sessions booked.  To book sessions, please contact her

directly at or by phone at 310.721.1492


Bird Sizelove is another very popular masseuse in Hollywood that does house calls to

The Villa Sophia.  Her rate is $150/hour or $200/90 minutes.  She can be reached at or by phone 818.486.5763



~Hot Tub - the hot tub is set at 104 degrees and takes roughly one hour to heat.                                           You may adjust the temperature to whatever feels comfortable. The hot tub has                                           air jets for massage purposes.



~Pool - the pool is 35' long x 17.5' wide and 8.5' feet deep. It is                                                                           completely covered in emerald colored ceramic tile. There are adjustable                                                   color wheels for night time lighting for both the pool and the hot tub. Select your                                         favorite color or just let the wheels spin through the rainbow.



~Pool Heat - heating the pool is an extra charge. The rates are two tiered and                                         divided between warm and cold weather. As of March 2012 the rates are: May 1                                              - October 31 - $80 for the first day and $45 each additional day . November 1 -                                                April 30 - $115 for the first day and $65 each additional day




 Bathroom: ~Master Bath w/marble shower two sinks

                    ~Steam room with marble seating for four

                  ~Toilet & Bidet

                  ~Complimentary Acqua di Parma Hotel amenities                      

                  ~Hair straightening iron, blow dryer, toothbrush

                  ~Terry Cloth Robes - two terry cloth robes made by Hammacher Schlemmer

                  ~Day Bed - after a nice long steam shower wrap yourself up in a large, thick pool towel or                         terry robe, lay down and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

                  ~Music - there are ceiling speakers with volume control that connect to the main stereo                            system in the spa bathroom area. Also, there is a portable radio in the shower



Kitchenette: ~Nespresso Coffee Machine

                   ~Electric Tea Kettle


                  ~Toaster Oven


                  ~Sub-Zero under-counter refrigerator/freezer/ice machine

                  ~Wine Refrigerator

                   ~Coffee Machine



Laundry/Linens/Towels:  ~Clothes Steamer

                                               ~Iron, Ironing Board

                                               ~All linens (Rivolta Carmingnani) supplied

                                               ~All towels supplied

                                              ~Housekeeper available to clean, change linens and

                                                do personal laundry  (rate=$20/hour)



Indoor Entertainment: ~Cable TV, 488 Channels

                                         ~42” TV, DVD, DVR, CD


                                    ~Ipod Dock

                                    ~Brand New Surround Sound System

                                     ~Yoga/Pilates Equipment

                                     ~Water Exercise Equipment



Outside / Yard / Patios / Decks: ~Separate entrance

                                                  ~Outdoor dining table

                                               ~Exclusive use of 500 sq.  ft.  covered grotto sitting area made of                                                                        ancient terra cotta tiles

                                               ~Exclusive use of entire rear yard, lawn, garden and

                                                pool (5000 total square feet).

                                                ~Exclusive use of additional 500 sq.  ft.  of outdoor patios


Parking: ~ Street parking



Communication / Internet / Office: ~Internet Access

                                                                   ~Wireless Internet

                                                                  ~Telephone w/free local and national long distance




General / Notes: ~ No Smoking

                                ~No Pets

                                ~Complimentary FIJI bottled water and chocolate.




Rivolta Carmignani OEKO-TEX Standard 1000 Certificate:




The Villa Sophia


Los Feliz