Meet the Owner


Constantine “Tim” Vlahos bought the Villa in January 2000 and spent 5 years adding to and renovating the property which he substantially completed in 2005.  Tim grew up in Massachusetts, went to college in Connecticut, moved to Chicago for 14 years and finally to Los Angeles where he has lived since.  He is grateful to be living in his adopted home state of California and enjoys sharing The Villa Sophia property with his many wonderful guests.

Many creative, talented and generous people helped in the conception and creation of the Villa but Tim would like to single out dear friend and design collaborator, Carlo Cacciatore.





Katy Perry and Russel Brand house, 2003 - 2006
Designers - Xorin Balbes and Paul Ashley

Leigh Whannell house, 2005 - 2008
Designer - Tracy Bayne


Carlo Cacciatore in the Villa Sophia workshop


The Villa Sophia


Los Feliz