Property Photos

L.A. view East from The Villa Sophia
The Villa Sophia Sanctuary

The historic Villa Sophia estate is located a hilltop away from the Griffith Observatory, a Los Angeles icon and one of Southern California's most popular attractions. The Observatory is the most visited public observatory in the world. Notice the Observatory behind The Villa Sophia in this photograph. You can enjoy the same views of Los Angeles by renting the guesthouse in this oasis of peace, tranquility and privacy. This is the most luxurious accommodations in Los Angeles at a $395/night.

Italian Villa Rental in Los Angeles

This 1920's Old Hollywood Villa is perched high atop a Los Feliz hilltop. The property could pass for an Italian Riviera, Lake Como or Tuscan country Villa. It has been represented as all 3 in Hollywood films. Most recently in the 2015 "Entourage" movie as Jeremy Piven's hotel overlooking the Amalfi Coast and Positano. The views east look like the rolling hills of Tuscany. The views west are of the Pacific Ocean and Griffith Observatory. The views south, downtown L.A. Guest house pictured

Villa Sophia Los Angeles Film Set

This authentic Tuscan Villa in Los Angeles is a film and photography location available for rent. Used as an "Italian Villa" location for Hollywood films it has also served as a backdrop for countless photography shoots including Victoria's Secret, W Magazine, Elle, Vogue, GQ, Playboy, Wall Street Journal etc. etc. Hourly rates available.

"Old Hollywood" Villa in Los Angeles

The Villa Sophia is an eclectic 1927 Old Hollywood Villa in the celebrity filled neighborhood of Los Feliz. It has elements of Spanish Mission style crossed with Tuscan Villa crossed with Spanish Colonial architecture. It has served as a location for countless fashion magazine shoots, TV shows and movies. The property is available for rent as a filming and photography location. One of the few garden estates in Los Angeles that is available to rent by the hour.

Tropical California Honeymoon Spot

This tropical paradise, located within the city limits of Los Angeles, is actually a popular Hollywood filming location. It's also a dream honeymoon destination. Although walking distance to Los Feliz village you will feel like you are on a tropical oasis in the clouds. Set amidst towering palm tress in a tropical garden your views include the downtown Los Angeles skyline. Surreal is a word that comes to mind for many visitors.

Wedding Photography Location in L.A.

Enchanting and romantic Los Angeles wedding photography shoot on The Villa Sophia dining pavilion, looking back towards the main house. This photography and filming location is available to be rented by the hour. Great for marriage proposals and engagements. We also have Elopement Packages.

Villa Sophia - Photo Shoot Location

The Villa Sophia swimming pool with the towering Italian cypress trees beyond, make for glamorous, high fashion photography location heaven in Los Angeles. This shoot was for Elle Magazine. Photographer is the talented Signe Vilstrup.

L. A. Bridal Photo Shoot Location

You can rent The Villa Sophia Estate for your engagement or wedding photos or as a place to propose to your girlfriend. The Villa Sophia is one of the only properties in Los Angeles that has hourly rates. The Villa Sophia also offers elopement and small wedding packages. We have overnight accommodations in our award winning Guest House should you want to spend your honeymoon here.

Dining Pavilion views of Los Angeles
The loggia, a great spot for photos.

This romantic setting is ideal for wedding, proposal and engagement photography in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles. Better still, the Guest House is also available for overnight stays for two people.

Magical Bridal Photo Location in L.A

Have you ever dreamed of being a princess living in an enchanted garden? The Villa Sophia wedding photography location in Los Angeles can bring your fantasy to life. Remember, your wedding photos are tomorrow's family heirlooms.

Look Book Photo Location Los Angeles

This little garden nymph found a secret spot under a five trunked oak tree to languish and have her picture taken.

Dining Al Fresco California style
Tropical Garden Hollywood Movie Set.

The Villa Sophia is a spiritual retreat for two in Los Angeles. It's also a popular filming location. You can stay the night and immerse yourselves in the lush and intoxicating tropical garden or you can rent it for a film or photography shoot.

Tropical Movie Set in Los Angeles

This scenic filming location on The Villa Sophia back hillside is seen from a little meditation seating area across the way. The Italian cypress trees together with the queen palms create a nice big outdoor photography studio.

Loggia lanterns at The Villa Sophia
Goddess Statue at The Villa Sophia
Wedding photo location in Los Feliz
Slim Aarons style  The Villa Sophia
Wedding photo location Los Feliz
L. A. skyline views  wedding venue.
Angel statue in the living room.
Aqua Lillies Old Hollywood mansion
Boudoir photography location.
Los Angeles downtown view Los Feliz.
Spiritual Retreat Souther California

Commune with nature in this blessed hilltop oasis with lush, tropical gardens and swimming pool. The property balances formal Italian garden architecture with it's mythological statuary, fountains, hedges and Olive and Italian Cypress trees with a wild and free tropical garden aesthetic. You can rent the property for multiple uses. The guest house for two on a nightly basis or entire property for filming and photography. The Villa Sophia is in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Mediterranean Villa in Los Angeles
Classical pool fountain in Los Feliz
Nighttime garden in Los Angeles
Sexy Old Hollywood photography.

Sexy Old Hollywood boudoir photography location in Los Angeles. The Villa Sophia.

Photo shoot in the loggia.
Garden Courtyard Photo Location L.A.

This classic courtyard has the air of a Spanish bull ring with the decomposed granite, sandy yard. This terrace is also a good location for a wedding ceremony because it has a peaceful and private garden setting yet still provides a direct view of the downtown Los Angeles skyline. In this sexy, Spanish inspired fashion look book shoot, the model wears a feminine version of the traditional matador suit, the "traje de luces". The designer is Katheryn Rice and the label is Carmella (see link).

L.A. Skyline View Event Location

This grassy, garden courtyard with surrounding concrete balustrade sits on the middle terrace parterre of The Villa Sophia Estate, high up in the Hollywood Hills. A lovely location for a small event or film shoot. Despite it's close proximity to the big city, it is tranquil and private. With views of the downtown Los Angeles skyline, it could be hard to imagine that one can be so immersed in nature and yet so close to the city lights. Viva Los Angeles!

Italian Garden Location in Hollywood

The grounds of The Villa Sophia Estate in Los Angeles has all the elements of a traditional Italian garden. Towering Italian cypress trees, abundant formal hedges set upon grassy lawns, potted olive and lemon trees, classical urns resting upon concrete pedestals and gurgling fountains. The Villa Sophia has been used as film location for Hollywood movies set in Italy. One example was "Liz and Dick", which recounted the love affair of film icons Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. (see link)

Resort Hotel Ambiance in Los Angeles

This is a picture that the legendary photographer Slim Aarons would have appreciated. Slim would have had a field day shooting photos at The Villa Sophia location in Los Feliz. The Villa has all the elements Slim loved for his photo shoot locations: spectacular pool, vibrant colors, great architecture, sunshine and lush gardens.

Dramatic "Old Hollywood" Film Set

This dramatic and grand entry onto The Villa Sophia estate in Los Feliz is a fine backdrop for photography. Over the years, many photography productions have shot in this outdoor stairway with it's Spanish Colonial or mediterranean architecture.

L.A. Poolside Fashion Photo Shoot

This sexy photograph was taken by the renowned Danish photographer Signe Vilstrup (see link) at The Villa Sophia estate in the Los Feliz neighborhood, near Silverlake, in Los Angeles. You can rent this location for filming or photography. The Villa Sophia is one of the very few film locations with hourly rates in Los Angeles. The guest house is also available to rent on a nightly basis.

Towering Castle Walls in Los Angeles

You won't see anymore of these 15' castle size walls being built in Los Angeles. In January 2005, just months after this wall was built, the city of Los Angeles moved to ban walls taller than 12'. (see link) This wall was built for The Villa Sophia in the Los Feliz Hills in 2004. This golden wall is now a popular backdrop for film and photo shoots.

Lush Tropical Garden for Filming

This Los Angeles hacienda, is a filming and photography location with a lush tropical garden set against Spanish style courtyard architecture.

Castle Courtyard Wedding Photo Shoot

If you yearn for a romantic Old World, European type setting for your wedding photos, The Villa Sophia in Los Feliz (90027), is a top choice. This classically inspired courtyard, in front of ivy covered, 15' castle walls, is set in a peaceful nature setting, next to 4300 acre Griffith Park, yet has views to the downtown Los Angeles skyline. You can also rent this space for small wedding ceremonies.

Swimming Pool Photo Shoot in L.A.

The Villa Sophia in Los Feliz is one of the most popular filming and photography locations in Los Angeles. One reason is the huge, emerald tile swimming pool. In this photo, the model steadies herself by leaning against the wall dividing the pool from the spa. What you can't see is that someone is holding a long pole in the water at her feet so she can keep herself elevated on the surface of the water.

Sunrise Photo Shoot in Los Angeles

This tropical sunrise photograph with palm trees reflected in the swimming pool, was taken at The Villa Sophia film and photography location in Los Angeles. The Villa Sophia is one of the only locations that can be rented by the hour in Los Angeles. It is very popular for fashion editorial photography.

Wedding Fashion Photo Shoot in L.A.

This bridal fashion picture was shot at The Villa Sophia estate in Los Angeles, in winter 2015. This terrace courtyard is set in a quiet, woodland area near Griffith Park yet has views to the downtown Los Angeles skyline in the distance. Combining country setting with city setting. Viva Los Angeles!

Villa Sophia Main House Living Room
California Elopement Packages

The Villa Sophia offers "Elopement style" wedding packages. You can have a beautiful and romantic wedding without the stress. Whether you'd prefer a romantic ceremony for just the two of you overlooking the downtown Los Angeles skyline, or a quiet celebration with a handful of friends and family witnessing your vows, The Villa Sophia can help couples exchange their vows in our intimate garden setting whose natural beauty will take your breath away.

Rooftop Patio Views for Photography

This Hollywood Hills mansion has views in every direction including the downtown Los Angeles skyline. Magically , it also has an old European Villa ambiance, Notice the 200 year old reclaimed terra cotta tile floor in this photograph. This property is available for rent for filming and photography.

Italian Villa rental in Los Angeles
Guest House nightly rental Los Feliz
Castle Wall Photo Shoot Los Angeles

The model for this fashion photo shoot in Los Angeles stands in front of The Villa Sophia, a Mission style, Spanish Colonial Villa in Los Angeles which is a popular filming location. In the background, hung from the wall, are huge renaissance sconces. Italian cypress and queen palm trees add to the grandeur.

Celebrity Interview Location in L.A.

Italian Prince Lorenzo Borghese is interviewed poolside at The Villa Sophia in Los Angeles. The Villa Sophia is a popular television interview location available for rent daily or by the hour. Totally private and peaceful so that even European royalty like the Prince feel comfortable and at ease.

L.A. Photography Studio w Antiques

Do you need a photography studio in Los Angeles with a museum vibe? The Villa Sophia is an art and antique filled Los Feliz mansion that is available to rent. Hourly, half day and full day rates.

Old Hollywood Photography Studio

The Villa Sophia is a 1920's Spanish style Villa located in the Hollywood Hills. It is available for rent for filming and photography. Period architectural details, sunny and bright. View of the Los Angeles downtown skyline and the Griffith Observatory. Ideal for small weddings and events.

Spanish Mission Style Photo Location

The Villa Sophia estate in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles is an architecturally significant property that is available for rent for filming, photography and special uses such as interviews, dinners, small weddings, marriage proposals etc. Built in 1926, the architect Henry Harwood Hewitt designed many Los Angeles landmarks such as Patriotic Hall, Los Angeles County USC Medical Center (General Hospital) and the Hall of Justice.

Dramatic Architectural Entryway

Grand entry of The Villa Sophia filming and photography location in Los Angeles. This Hollywood Hills Estate has been the location for editorial fashion shoots for magazines such as Vogue, W, Elle and GQ.

Spanish Mission Architecture Rental

This colonnade or arcade leads to a private, poolside courtyard. The property is available for rental. Our hourly pricing model for film and photo shoots, marriage proposals, interviews, wedding ceremonies and small events without catering is: $150/hour for 4 total people. Each additional person is $25/hour. We have a two (2) hour minimum. Perfect for wedding photography.

Los Angeles Downtown Views

Do you need a straight on view of the downtown Los Angeles skyline for your photo shoot? The Villa Sophia film and photography location in Los Feliz has nearly the identical view as you would get from the Griffith Observatory, which is located on the next hilltop west.

Eddie Cibrian  The Villa Sophia

Celebrity photoshoot location at The Villa Sophia in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Santorini inspired bathroom skylight
Fashion Shoot for Elle Magazine
Hilltop Oasis in Los Angeles
Spanish Mission in Hollywood Hills
Downtown L.A. Skyline Views Rental

If you like the panorama views from the Griffith Park Observatory, this hilltop estate is on the next hilltop east. The Villa Sophia has been a location for hit TV shows "Entourage", "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" and "The Bachelorette".

Morning is Breaking in Hollywood
Atmospheric Photography Studio L.A.

Location for movie, TV and magazine shoots, The Villa Sophia is an historic, Od Hollywood mansion filled with art and antiques. If you need a rich, opulent photography setting, you can rent the villa by the hour or by the day.

Romantic Bedroom for Filming
Victorias Secret L.A. Photo Location

This image of Candice Swanepoel was used as the Victoria's Secret website home page for a season. Shot at the popular photography and filming location, The Villa Sophia in Los Angeles. (see link) The special golden color of The Villa Sophia was created by a special iron oxide compound mixed into the stucco. It is not a paint. The color changes throughout the day. This shot was taken in the aptly named "golden hour" near sundown.

Spanish Mission Film Photo Location

The Villa Sophia of Los Angeles, built in 1926, has elements of Spanish Mission architecture or the later Mission Revival architectural movement. Pictured here is the base of the tower. The building from this side has the characteristic massive 18" thick adobe walls with broad unadorned plaster surfaces. The other side of the structure has an enclosed courtyard with exterior arcade or colonnade. The Villa Sophia is available for daily rental.

Country Villa in the Big City

Most people would never imagine that Los Angeles looks like this. We have lot's of green space in the second largest city in America. This Los Feliz villa rental is on the edge of 4300 acre Griffith Park. With an extensive Italian garden, it is peaceful and private.

Gothic Sconce with Lemon Tree

The Villa Sophia has an eclectic variety of outdoor sconces and chandeliers but mostly Gothic and Renaissance. These huge antique Gothic sconces light the street in front of the Los Feliz hilltop estate.

Aqualillies Photo Shoot Villa Sophia

The Aqualillies were the models for this photo and video shoot at The Villa Sophia in Los Angeles (see link). The "Water Ballet" artists demonstrated how Tarte Cosmetic's waterproof makeup can withstand even the most vigorous pool day.

Best Place to Pretend You're a Celeb

This photograph shows the magical ambience of this popular Los Angeles filming location at night. You can also rent the guest house (pictured to the left of the swimming pool) by the night and have it all to yourself. The Villa Sophia was named LA Weekly’s “The Best Place to Pretend You're a Celebrity for a Day - 2013".

California Elopement Honeymoon Place

You can rent this private Los Angeles hilltop estate with private pool and tropical gardens using our complete elopement package. The Villa Sophia provides nightly overnight accommodations in our guest house and a top Hollywood film and photography location for your ceremony. You will have a romantic wedding ceremony overlooking the city, a stunning photography location and a magical honeymoon stay without ever having to leave these blessed grounds.

California Honeymoon Suite Bungalow

Enjoy this poolside luxury bungalow, set in a tropical garden oasis. The magical "Villa Sophia" guest house is cut into a Los Angeles hilltop at the edge of 4300 acre Griffith Park. The guest house/bungalow is available to rent on a nightly basis. The estate is a popular Hollywood movie set, used as a location for TV shows like "Entourage", The Bachelorette" and "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills".

Santorini Location in Los Angeles

Portions if the main house interior of The Villa Sophia Estate in the Los Feliz Hills took their design inspiration from the Greek Island of Santorini, believed to be a remnant of the mythical lost continent of Atlantis. This photo was taken from the entryway and looks thru the kitchen towards the breakfast nook. The Villa Sophia is in high demand as a Hollywood filming and photography location.

Small Los Angeles Wedding Elopement

The Villa Sophia filming/photography location rates also apply to the occasional wedding ceremony or elopement. Our hourly pricing is $150/hour for 4 total people. Each additional person is $25/hour. We have a 2 hour minimum. (if there are guests scheduled for the guesthouse, they must be compensated $75/hour) We also have elopement packages that include overnight stays in the guest house.

Los Angeles Villa at night
Marriage Proposal Dinner, L.A. views

You can rent the romantic Villa Sophia in Los Angeles to propose to your love. This view of the downtown city lights will take her breath away. Hire the private chef package. There are overnight accommodations should you want to stay the night.

Hillside Terrace Garden Los Angeles
Villa Sophia, Honeymoon in Hollywood

The Villa Sophia is the most romantic accommodations in Los Angeles. Perfect for a honeymoon, marriage proposal or anniversary celebration. Walking distance to the Greek Theater and Griffith Park Observatory in the Los Feliz neighborhood.

Luxury Accommodations in Los Feliz
Best Place to Pretend You're a Day

The Villa Sophia in Los Angeles was named LA Weekly’s “The Best Place to Pretend You're a Celebrity for a Day - 2013

Private Garden Retreat Accommodation

Convalesce from cosmetic surgery in complete privacy at The Villa Sophia estate accommodations in Los Angeles. The luxurious GUEST HOUSE nestled into the hillside is a secret refuge hideout with spa amenities.

California Poppies Grow Wild

Wild flowers like California poppies grow wild @ The Villa Sophia, in the city of Los Angeles.

Rosanund Pike L.A. Photo Location

This W Magazine editorial photo shoot of Rosamund Pike was photographed by the legendary Willie Vanderperre. Willy who resides in Belguim, confided that he had been enamored with The Villa Sophia for some time and specifically chose The Villa Sophia location for this W Magazine cover shoot, flying in from Belgium for the shoot.

Nighttime Photo Main House Interior
Marry Me at The Villa Sophia.

The Villa Sophia estate is a Los Angeles marriage proposal location that is available for rent. Overnight stays and private chef.

Italian Villa Rental in Los Angeles

You don't need to fly to Italy to get the Italian Villa experience. The Villa Sophia, which was cast as an Amalfi Coast Hotel in the 2015 movie "Entourage", offers the authentic Italian dolce vita experience in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles. Also used as an Italian Villa location for movies "Liz and Dick" starring Lindsay Lohan, and "And While We Were Here" starring Kate Bosworth.

Private Spa Resort for Two in L.A.

The Villa Sophia is your own garden Oasis in Los Angeles, the only major city in the world where you can enjoy the country life within the city limits. The Villa Sophia sits alongside the 4300 acre Griffith Park. Enjoy peace and quiet, birds singing, water fountains gurgling in a classical Italian garden setting.

The Villa Sophia


Los Feliz