Bike Tours with “Bikes and Hikes L.A.”

For me, the best parts of Los Angeles are the beautiful residential neighborhoods that the average tourist would never discover. I personally take a walk or drive in one or another of my favorite neighborhoods every week. Usually up in the hills somewhere. With some of the best residential architecture and garden landscaping in the world, Los Angeles is truly a wonder.

One good way of seeing Los Angeles up close and personal, is to take one of seven bike tours offered by Bikes and Hikes L.A. For $79 a local expert guide will give you a unique insider’s tour through diverse landscapes and culturally distinct neighborhoods, stopping at local hidden gems for an authentic and unique experience of Los Angeles.

According to company owner Danny Roman, recently interviewed in the Redondo Beach Patch, the Beverly Hills Celebrity Home Tour has been the most popular due to tourists’ infatuation with the Hollywood celebrity. But Roman’s favorite is the Bike and Sail Adventure, equipped with a boat captain, lunch and champagne.

“My personal favorite is the ‘Bike and Sail’ because it’s just an incredible experience,” Roman said. “You get out on the ocean and you always see dolphins, you very often see whales, you always see seals, and it’s just an amazing way to see West Hollywood…and then see the beach towns. It’s just a great day.” Hmmm…. this sounds like a good option for those who don’t want to do too much peddling…

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